Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Don't Melt Your Mobile Device: Tips to Keep Your Phone Cool This Summer

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Not only is the temperature rising, but so is the amount of essentials for summer time fun, from beach gear to road trip must-haves. With the endless list of items to haul it's easy to forget your smartphone or tablet locked in the car and before you know it, it has gone the way of last week's leftover candy bar (is that what melted onto the backseat?). Gazelle, the nation's leading trading site for used electronics, has put together some tips to keep your mobile devices from puddling up and breaking down this summer

What the heat does to your phone
Phones, tablets, and laptops left out in the heat can all be impacted by heat. The internal components of your phone or any device will become damaged, causing data loss, dead batteries, and in some cases the lithium battery will leak, or bubble up and expand or explode. Luckily, a large portion of phones out today have a warning screen to let you know before this happens.

Keeping your phone cool
If you’d like to never see that screen (or if you see it and want to know how to fix it) here are a few steps to take to ensure the safety of your device, and yourself.
  1. Avoid leaving your device in your car. Temperatures rise much faster on the inside of a closed up car. Make sure your devices are not left behind, and don’t forget about your GPS!
  2. Turn your device off, or turn off any apps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LTE. iPhones are programmed to do some of this when the initial warning screen comes on. However, if you need your device on and the temperature is rising, closing any unnecessary programs will let the battery relax a little, and not heat up so quickly.
  3. Keep your devices separate. Carrying around your iPad, iPhone, and GPS in your bag? Keeping them all together is bound to conduct more heat than just your phone. Try to keep them as separate as possible to allow maximum air flow to each device.
  4. Don’t cool it too fast. If your phone overheats, your initial reaction is going to be to rush it to the coldest place you can find. However, rushing the cooling process can cause condensation to get trapped on the inside of the devices and inevitably, water damage.
Preventative products and accessories
Surprisingly, there are very limited temperature resistant cases out there. Even the Otterbox, that makes cases that protect your phone from nearly everything, doesn’t have a heat resistant option. 

There is a company called Salt that makes the first thermally-protective cases for Apple products that are resilient to extreme heat AND cold. Their stylish thermal technology was inspired by NASA spacecrafts designed to withstand the heat of a launch, and the cold of outer space. Hopefully they start making cases for ALL devices soon! 

When the going gets hot
If your device does overheat make sure you do not touch it. It can burn you. Try following the steps above to cool it down. If the battery does leak, you will begin to notice corrosion coming out of the battery compartment, or on the battery itself inside the compartment. The bad news is after battery leakage occurs, it’s difficult to ensure no other part of your phone is damaged. Cleaning so close to the inside is likely to cause water damage – and where you can’t reach with your cleaner, the acid probably did already and is wreaking damage on your phone’s components. 

So what if your mobile device is now a pile of molten metalwork? Rather than scrap your scorched smartphone, check out Gazelle, a website that buys used electronics for cash, even damaged ones! More than 600,000 consumers have used Gazelle to sell nearly one million gadgets and they offer trade ins for everything from smartphones to laptops to e-readers... the list goes on. Gazelle can't return your memory, but they can give another life to your used iPhone by refurbishing it for another buyer, keeping it out of the landfill and giving you money in return. Better for you, better for the environment, better for everyone! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY: Spelling Activity Box

My second grader has had it up to his ears with traditional spelling practice - you know, the kind where the parent calls out the word and the child spells it back? So we have gotten creative with how we will be practicing his spelling words this year and came up with a Spelling Activity Box!

Inside the box (which I of course had lots of fun decorating!) are about fifty different ideas of how to practice spelling his red words, sight words, and weekly spelling words. Each day, he will pull out three slips of paper, each with a different activity for spelling the vocabulary words. 

Here are some of the ideas to learn the vocab words:
  • Trace the words on the palm of your hand
  • Take turns tracing the words on the back of a friend
  • Bounce a ball back and forth with a friend, spelling the words out one letter per bounce
  • Make a word search using your words
  • Make a crossword puzzle using your words
  • Write each word out three times
  • Write the words out in the shape of a pyramid
  • Spell the words out while jumping up and down
To make the box, I used decorative scrapbook paper and washi tape to decorate an empty cardboard snack box. I used a decorative punch and silver markers for the tag/label. It pays to make the spelling box look fun!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Project Life: Back to School Pages!

School has officially started in our family with three kids in three different schools! It is just as exciting for the parents as for the kids, and I've been trying to photograph the big moments to use in my new Project Life scrapbook.

I love this colorful example of back to school project life pages and especially like the combination of paper journaling with creative scrapbook-oriented stamps!

Here are the materials used in the above example in case you want to copy the style:

Project Life Day to Day Stamp Set
Project Life Point & Click Stamp Set
Project Life Remember This Stamp Set

Playground Project Life Card Collection

Accessories & Tools
Playground Project Life Accessory Pack
Variety Pack 6" x 8" Project Life Photo Pocket Pages

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Roll Out the Big Baby Reveal with "Bow or Bow Tie!"

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Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Supplies

There are few true surprises left in the world, and one of the best is not knowing the gender of a new baby! Whether you plan on keeping the secret until the very end, or spicing up the baby shower with the drama of a big reveal,Celebrate Express has the perfect party options for you.

Boy or girl? Bow or bow tie? There are some unique and creative ways to incorporate decorations for both genders and keep your guests guessing, here's how...

Party Decor - The Celebrate Express Bow or Bow Tie Deluxe Party Pack is the complete party in a box solution, containing all that you need to create a dramatic, but fun way to celebrate the baby mystery. Play off the pink and blue "Little Man or Little Miss?" plate design by adding in solid blue or pink party supplies and a Bow or Bow Tie ribbon banner. You can even be a little tricky and display one color more than another to allude to the answer to the question on everyone's mind.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Supplies

Party Favors - Celebrate Express has baby bottles that you can fill with pink gum balls and blue sixlets, adding an extra sweetness to the day or, in keeping with the theme, fill Bow or Bow Tie gift bags with sweet treats and a special blue or pink Bow or Bow Tie scratch off ticket that announces the gender once the party is over.

Food & Drink Ideas - Are you ready for the reveal? Share your secret in the most special and delicious way! A white frosted baby shower cake, when paired with a cutout of the plate design as a cake topper, makes for the perfect table centerpiece. The best part is that the big moment comes when the cake is cut to reveal whether it is pink or blue inside! 

From smiling sunshines to precious footprints and more, check out the full selection of gender neutral baby shower supplies for beautiful new arrivals at Celebrate Express

Little Sunshine Baby Shower Party Packs

Fisher Price Baby Shower Party Supplies

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