Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alessandra Ambrosio: Petal Lips

My favorite gift to give, no matter the occasion? 

One of the gorgeous colors from Beautycounter's Complete Lip Collection.

Here’s gorgeous model Alessandra Ambrosio wearing Petal.

What is Environmental Health?

For earth day we tend to focus on planting trees and recycling. However, there is much more to protecting the environment - including considering our own environmental health. Check out this video by Mia Davis, head of safety at Beautycounter, in which she explains this important concept which should have importance every day!


Here are some of what I think are the most poignant snippets:

<<Our skin and our lungs do the best they can to protect us from toxic chemicals but the body isn’t a magical barrier—and in fact, we know that chemicals are not staying put in the products that we have in our homes, or in our food, or in our water. They’re entering our bodies. And they’re even entering our babies. For instance, when we’re pregnant with a child, we are that child’s ecosystem. And we’re finding now that babies are being born pre-polluted. Babies have upwards of 200 toxic, synthetic chemicals in their umbilical cord blood at birth.
When babies are being born pre-polluted we have to stop and ask ourselves, “What’s going on? Isn’t there a better way to do things?”>>
<<Here’s one example of how this is playing out in real life today.
But only about 10 percent of those women have a genetic link to the disease. So that’s many, many thousands of women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, with no family history. Environmental factors are thought to play a major role in these increased diagnoses. If we had a system in place that required that chemicals be proven safe before they hit the marketplace, we can only imagine how many women would not be living with this disease. This can be upsetting. And there are environmental factors that we can’t control. But the good news is that the more you know, the more you can protect yourself and your family.>>
To discover products made to avoid these toxins and the health hazards they create, and to learn more about environmental health, visit Beautycounter.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Bitsy's Brainfood co-founder, Maggie Patton encourages families to involve kids in Earth Day, to teach them that they can make a difference. "When it comes to my own family and taking action on Earth Day, we like to think globally, and act locally. There are so many simple ways to get the whole family involved in celebrating Earth Day," Patton says. Below, she provides 19 kid-friendly Earth Day activities that can extend into loving the environment every day.

  1. Compost your fruit and veggie scraps and watch your garden bloom!
  2. Buy, fill and refill reusable water bottles — help keep millions of single-use plastic bottles out of landfill.
  3. Save a tree! Use both sides of your notebook paper.
  4. Visit a zoo or farm and learn how to care for animals. It'll promote local food, too.
  5. Go for a family walk or bike ride and help keep the Earth cool.
  6. Get everyone a pair of work gloves and pick up trash in your neighborhood or town.
  7. Buy or make your own green cleaning products and spring clean your home.
  8. Grow a community garden and nourish your neighborhood green spaces.
  9. Plant more trees in your town — they'll help clean the air.
  10. Help remove stuck plastic bags out of trees. And switch to reusable bags instead ... for everything!
  11. Make an appointment with your town leaders to add more neighborhood trash cans and recycling bins — or start a recycling program.
  12. Collect glass food jars to paint and turn into candle holders (and use soy-based candles!).
  13. Love surprises? Plant bulbs and flower seeds and keep a weather eye for spring blossoms!
  14. “Turn off the lights!” Make switch plate reminders for your whole house.
  15. Show your kids the beauty of the beach. Collect shells and rocks for art projects.
  16. Make extra food for dinner then ditch BPA-lined plastic and get glass storage containers instead for leftovers.
  17. Transform colorful magazine pages, comics and more into artful projects and gift wrappers.
  18. Learn how to donate/recycle old computer equipment and post instructions (with permission, of course) at your local library, cafes, electronics stores and more.
  19. Breathe in nature: Turn off the a/c and open a window to the world.
Bonus activity: Just get outside and play!

Craft Inspiration: Favorite Patterns!

I've been in a creative slump lately, feeling ready to take on a fun project but not quite sure where to start. So today I started searching for fun patterns to get the creative juices flowing - here are some of the gems that I've fallen in love with!!

Crocheted Owl Basket

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Family Values

My biblestudy was talking about parenting last week and many of us discussed how we are very rule oriented in our child rearing. With the aim of being more grace centered and Christ centered, we spoke about how we should change our rules to better shepherd our children's hearts. Here is the set of values that I came up with to this end - let me know what you think! I've got a great place to put this on our fridge for our kids to refer to!